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Livestream Performance @ ADE 2020

Aktualisiert: 30. Okt 2020

Unfortunately Massimo could not physically participate in the ADE this year due to corona. But due to the modern technology he could still be there!

Interwiev with Enji Tv St.Moritz.

Massimo you have already had great success as a DJ, you have performed worldwide, in Miami, Ibiza, Amsterdam, at the Street-parade in front of thousands of people and now at the Amsterdam Dance Event "ADE" in a whole new format, via livestream. Are you still nervous before such performances? According to the promoter, up to 300,000 people will watch the stream.

A few years ago I.d say i was always a bit nervous before a performances. Today it depends on what kind of event I play at. Usually at bigger gigs you can feel a sense of nervousness set in just before I play but as soon as I play for a few minutes and notice the people having fun, it disappears immediately and turns into absolute joy and well-being.

What takes the most time to do as a DJ?

Most of the work is invisible to the audience. The audience experiences me in a one to three hour period during which I am djing. The rest is all done behind the scenes, including things like shooting and editing videos, maintaining social media accounts, compiling press kits, editing homepages, sorting music, mixing, practicing, socializing with clubs and other DJs. Since I do everything completely on my own, it is extremely time consuming and expensive.

Is there still time left for other things?

No (laughs), I make sure that I eat a healthy diet and workout once a day. The rest of my time is spent almost exclusively on music. I have been working on my music career for 15 years now and it is slowly starting to bear fruit.

You say you try to eat healthy food and do sports. Isn't the temptation for drugs, alcohol and an unhealthy lifestyle big in the DJ / Techno scene?

I am often looked at in dismay as soon as I strictly say no when I am asked at a party if I want drugs. Many people think that as a DJ in the techno scene you automatically taking drugs. I strictly reject drugs. It's all about the music that intoxicates me. My body is already challenged enough by the short nights and long hours, I want to pursue my dream for a long time. Therefore I do not smoke or drink. My drug is the moment when I stand in front of the audience and share my passion.

That sounds very impressive. What would you want to say to the DJ / musician next generation?

No matter what you do in life, If you want to achieve something, you have to be absolutely unyielding and determined. Always deliver the highest quality possible. You can't please everybody, get used to it. Always keep your line and do not bend for anything or anyone.

Most importantly, never to think about giving up, giving up is not an option, Push on!!!! Do it again and again and again until the result satisfies you.

Don't try to be the jukebox of the nation, but turn yourself into an art form and people will see the artist and not the button-pusher.

Thanks Massimo for your time.

I have to thank you and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all readers strength and health in this difficult time.

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